Street Quality 55 Chevy 2-Door Sedan Body Kits
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Why Start With This ................................................. When You Can Start With Our Body Kit !!!!!!!!
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To Get Much Faster Results Like This......
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Welcome to Fastglass55.......
If your looking to get your Stock, Rod, Nostalgia Gasser or "Whatever It May Be" project on the road in record time?? .....then you started at the right place.
We offer a fast way for you to create a "quality" car body without the tedious and wasted time and money of restoring and fabricating a steel body car.
Fastglass55 manufactures "Street Quality" fiberglass 55 Chevy 2-door sedan bodies.
The Fastglass55 body kit is patterned from a show car quality vehicle. The
body kit is created with a Hand Layed Fiberglass and Coremat process. The body is then reinforced with a Steel Substructure and integrated with High Impact Resin. The Body mounts as original to `55-`56 stock chevy chassis and aftermarket chassis. The kit is setup to use stock and aftermarket parts and trim for a 210 or Bel-Air.

For more information on our products....please check our following pages or contact us.....the people at Fastglass55 are here to help.
------We can supply a variety of completion options that can include Stock or Art Morrison chassis.------

We also Manufacture and Sell quality Novelty Automobilia products, such as,
Fastglass55 Wallhangers, Sofas and Bars.
Our automobilia products are "Made to Order". They are finished with high quality upholstery materials and custom prep and paint.

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