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The Company, "Fastglass55", was created by the Founder, Lowell Peterson, in 2005. As a result of several years of Research and Development. Lowell has been in the Car Restoration business for over 20 years with his existing Company, "Auto Projects". His expertise are Body Fabrication and Custom Painting. He has completed and delivered many quality high-end projects plus many smaller projects to satisfied customers. As a results of this knowledge, there has been many painstaking hours in Researching the correct Body Thicknesses and Steel Support Structures to Develop a Quality Body Kit Product.
It is because of the Founder's strive for Quality and his Personel Integrity the Company feels very comfortable and excited to bring the Product to the marketplace.

The Companies Initial Marketing efforts have resulted in many very interested Car Enthusiasts, including a number of Professional Car Builders. The Company is also pleased that the media has taken interest in our product . Most feel as we do, "That, There is a Need and It's Perfect Timing for the Product". As was the need for the development of other fiberglass car kits. We feel this gives us tremendous viability in the marketplace. You can expect to see us in upcoming magazine articles.
So whether you’re into cruising, drag racing or car shows, contact us and find out when we can Deliver your Kit and provide you with Technical Support.

We’d like to be part of completing your next 55 Chevy project faster with Fastglass55.

Our Mission Statement

Fastglass55 is currently marketing and manufacturing a specialty Fastglass55 Fiberglass Body Kit for those who want to assemble their own dream machine. The Body Kit was developed as a result of the "New Generation of Hot Rodders" demand for projects resulting in higher quality in a faster amount of time. We want to provide our customers a faster way of making this dream become a reality. We will provide you with a street quality product that needs only minor body work to become ready for Prepping and Painting. We envision many of these projects as completed cars and want to help you succeed in accomplishing this! "Auto Projects"